Victorian Christmas 2006

2006 Victorian Christmas Mansion and Churches Tour

Annunciation Catholic Church  •  700 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport PA  •  Built 1886, Amos Wagner architect

The church has a multi-gabled slate roof and stonewalls with colored belt courses. There are forty-three arched stained glass windows. The entryway and entry doors are semi-circular. The bell tower is open with a decorative cornice and patterned stone. The center tower was capped when three workers fell to their deaths during construction. The interior has marble altars and Tiffany windows. Built on land donated by Peter Herdic, the local Irish community used Ralston Quarry sandstone to build this structure.

Peter Herdic Inn  •  411 West Fourth Street, Williamsport PA

Recently purchased by the Miele’s of the Herdic House Restaurant, this beautifully maintained home is now a bed and breakfast. The house contains many original gas light fixtures. Look particularly at the ornate dining room light. Also note the stained glass window at the top of the steps, the rounded panes in the turret and the servant call system in the kitchen.

Covenant Central Presbyterian Church  •  807 W. Fourth Street Williamsport PA

Built 1906 Richardson Romanesque, this stone building has a red tile roof, thick window lentils, large semi-circular arched entries, and three doors with stained glass fanlights. There are many arched stained glass windows. The corner towers have conical red tile roofs.

Durrwachter House Women’s Museum  •  901 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport PA

Designed in 1890 by Amos Wagner and built for Henry Johnson, a state legislator from Muncy. Johnson moved to the city to help his six daughters find suitable husbands among the wealthy men of Williamsport. This home represents the Queen Anne style of architecture. The Johnson’s were so please with Wagner’s work they had him build a similar home next door on Maynard Street for one of their daughters!

Peter Herdic Double  •  942-944 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport PA

This brick double house was built by Herdic in 1875 to encourage more families to move to West Fourth Street. It has a mansard roof (Second Empire) and a protruding center bay with a copula on top. The West side has arched windows but the East side has rectangular windows. The front porch trims differ. The porches were once mirror images of one another.

Payne House  •  1042 West Fourth Street, Williamsport PA

Built circa 1870 for J. W. Payne, this is one of the few houses on Millionaires Row that has always been a single family dwelling. Take a look oat the chestnut woodwork and the elaborate crown molding in the parlor. There is a servant call box in the kitchen and the second floor sewing looks like oak but is actually painted.

Cipolla House  •  201 East Third Street, Williamsport PA

Constructed in 1904-05, between the Victorian and the Arts and Crafts Period, this former Doctor’s office and residence is a wonderful example of a town house. Purchased and refurbished by the present owners, the house reflects a resurgence of young professionals wanting to live in the city.

Tonkin House  •  1513 Campbell Street, Williamsport PA

Built in 1932 by Harold Tonkin at the “end” of Campbell Street, this home was designed by Carl Tallman, an architect known for custom hillside homes. This ten room house was a quaint French cottage. The original pegged living room has been relocated to the library and the master bedroom. The dining room features a Waterford 1790 candle-lit chandelier. Especially for children is the Phillips collection of carousel horses.

Chambers House 620 Vallamont Drive Williamsport, PA

Built around 1894, The Arts and Crafts period (end of Victorian Era but maintaining solid craftsmanship) the original residents were the Chambers Family, local furniture shopkeepers. They also owned the first car in Williamsport with a steering wheel and had 2 driveways to their home, one roofed and one for the 3 bay Carriage House. The current owners have lived in the home since 2004. The home has many interior historic features.  

Trinity Episcopal Church  •  844 W. Fourth Street ,Williamsport PA  •  Built 1875, Webber Culver and Thorn architects

Built with stone from the Bald Eagle Mountain at Muncy and brownstone from Chummiest it has the first nine bell Westminster chimes in America and a mural by Wetly Little. The church was paid for by Peter Herdic and given to Trinity Parish for one dollar as long as the pews remain “forever free”. Note the pointed arches and windows, steeply pitched colored slate roof and 265-foot spire.

Christ Community Worship Center  •  436 West Fourth Street, Williamsport PA

Originally Church of the Covenant and more recently St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, this limestone structure has a center spire, bell tower and steeply pitched roof with stone finials. The windows are pointed and arched. It has the largest expanse of Tiffany stained glass in North Central PA.  

First Baptist Church  •  380 West Fourth Street, Williamsport PA

Dedicated September 27, 1914, this historic downtown church was been served by 21 pastors and six interim pastors in three different buildings all built on the same corner of ground provided by Peter Herdic Peter’s wife was a member of the congregation. The present church is known for its beautiful sanctuary and 39 unique stained glass windows.

Rowley House Museum  •  707 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport PA  •  Built 1888, Eber Culver architect

The carved wood gable, protruding corner bay, projecting dormer and massive turned porch posts provide striking examples of the Queen Anne style. The roof has patterned slate, metal ridge caps, tall, decorative chimneys and large overhanging eaves. The brick has tile insets. Note the delicate wrought iron fence.