Victorian Christmas 2005

2005 Victorian Christmas Mansion and Churches Tour

The Hiram Rhoads House  •  522 West Fourth Street, Williamsport PA

The Hiram Rhoads House is yet another house designed by Eber Culver in the late 1880’s for Hiram Rhoads, the man who first brought the telephone to Williamsport. This building is an example of the Queen Anne style, a design that Culver stated in his autobiography, was probably the most successful in his career. This house has many notable feature such as an upstairs bathtub which is encased in mahogany, a solid pecan floor in the living room, and the most magnificent chandeliers in Williamsport.

Annunciation Catholic Church  •  700 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport PA  •  Built 1886

Amos Wagner architect The church has a multi-gabled slate roof and stonewalls with colored belt courses. There are forty-three arched stained glass windows. The entryway and entry doors are semi-circular. The bell tower is open with a decorative cornice and patterned stone. The center tower was capped when three workers fell to their deaths during construction. The interior has marble altars and Tiffany windows. Built on land donated by Peter Herdic, the local Irish community used Ralston Quarry sandstone to build this structure.

Rowley House Museum  •  707 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport,PA  •  Built 1888, Eber Culver architect

The carved wood gable, protruding corner bay, projecting dormer and massive turned porch posts provide striking examples of the Queen Anne style. The roof has patterned slate, metal ridge caps, tall, decorative chimneys and large overhanging eaves. The brick has tile insets. Note the delicate wrought iron fence.

Elias Deemer House  •  711 West Fourth Street, Williamsport PA  •  Built 1887

Again this home was designed and built by Eber Culver in 1887 for Elias Deemer, a lumberman. Another example of Culver’s Queen Anne style of architecture with 17 rooms and cherry woodwork.

Covenant Central Presbyterian Church  •  807 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport PA  •  Built 1906, Richardson Romanesque

This stone building has a red tile roof, thick window lentils, large semi-circular arched entries, and three doors with stained glass fanlights. There are many arched stained glass windows. The corner towers have conical red tile roofs.

Trinity Episcopal Church  •  844 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport PA  •  Built 1875, Eber Culver and Thorn architects

Built with stone from the Bald Eagle Mountain at Muncy and brownstone from Hummelstown, it has the first nine bell Westminster chimes in America and a mural by Westly Little. The church was paid for by Peter Herdic and given to Trinity Parish for one dollar as long as the pews remain “forever free”. Note the pointed arches and windows, steeply pitched colored slate roof and 265-foot spire.  

Johnson-Lamade-Durrwachter House Museum  •  901 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport, PA

Designed in 1890 by Amos Wagner and built for Henry Johnson, a state legislator from Muncy. Johnson moved to the city to help his six daughters find suitable husbands among the wealthy men of Williamsport. This home represents the Queen Anne style of architecture. The Johnson’s were so please with Wagner’s work they had him build a similar home next door on Maynard Street for one of their daughters!

Harrar House  •  915 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport PA

Built for Lucy Eutermarks as a wedding gift from her parents in the early 1870’s. Designed by Eber Culver in the Italianate design. The house was originally assigned 913 West Fourth Street, but the brides parents thinking this was unlucky had the house number changed to 915!

Overheiser – Hoagland – Kane House  •  849 Louisa Street, Williamsport, PA

This Queen Anne style home was built in 1893 for David Overheiser who owned a lumber planing mill on Walnut Street . This was also home to the Mayor of Williamsport in the 1920’s (Hoagland). The exterior features multiple steep pitched gables and dormers, stained glass windows, the original slate roof, and very rare colored slate designs that encompass the entire face of each gable. This house was the first on this particular block of very interesting and original Victorian houses. The interior features all original golden oak woodwork and a very ornate staircase. There are 7 original bedrooms, front and back parlors, fireplace, front and back staircases, dining room, and large family kitchen. The land for this house was originally part of the Mingle Farm which was divided into large lots for housing development as Williamsport expanded north out of the flood plane and into the beautiful wooded area known as Old Oaks Park.

Easton – Carson House  •  826 Glenwood Ave, Williamsport PA

The Easton – Carson House was designed by Wagner & Reitmeyer Architect Co. and was completed in the Vallamont Land Development in 1895 for Robert Easton, a supervisor of Williamsport’s Coryell Machine Co. The Queen-Ann home remained in the Easton family for 55 years. The family’s home included one of the first open decks in Williamsport and made use of combination gas/electric lights due to electricity’s reputation as unreliable. Other notable features are the home’s antique chandeliers and 28 distinct wallpapers. This home is featured in the October 2005 edition of Victorian Homes Magazine.